Authors: Nichols F, Varchevker A, Pring T
Title: Working with people with aphasia and their families: An exploration of the use of family therapy techniques
Source: Aphasiology 1996 10(8): 767-781
Year: 1996
Research Design: Case Series

Although the psychosocial problems faced by people with aphasia and their families are widely acknowledged, relatively little research has tried to evaluate attempts to assist them. Recently attention has focused on the feasibility of offering therapy to aphasics and their families. In this study we describe therapy given jointly by a family therapist and a speech and language therapist to aphasics and their families. We also explore the suitability of the Personal Questionnaire Rapid Scaling Technique (PQRST, D. J.. Mulhall, 1978) as a means of monitoring change during the therapy. The results of therapy for 2 families are desribed. Positive changes were found, although these were stronger for aphasics than their family members, and were more marked in the period following therapy than during the therapy itself.

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