Authors: Quinteros B, Williams DR, White CA, Pickering M
Title: The costs of using trained and supervised volunteers as part of a speech therapy service for dysphasic patients
Source: British Journal of Disorders of Communication 1984 19(3): 205-212
Year: 1984
Research Design: Non Randomised Controlled Trial
Rating Score: 02/10
This rating is confirmed
Eligibility specified - Y
Random allocation - N
Concealed allocation - N
Baseline comparability - N
Blind subjects - N
Blind therapists - N
Blind assessors - N
Adequate follow-up - Y
Intention-to-treat analysis - N
Between-group comparisons - N
Point estimates and variability - Y

Speech therapy for dysphasic patients outside hospital, using trained and supervised volunteers, group therapy and home visits from trained speech therapists, was compared with hospital out-patient speech therapy. The cost per case (direct NHS costs only) for providing community speech therapy for I2 patients was greater than that for providing monthly hospital speech therapy for a similar number. However, when estimated costs per case for a larger group of patients are compared with fortnightly or weekly hospital therapy, community speech therapy is less costly. An assessment of the effectiveness of the speech therapy in these patients suggests that the group given community speech therapy with volunteer support made greaterprogress than those given therapy as hospital out-patients.

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