Authors: Rubow R, Swift E
Title: A microcomputer based wearable biofeedback device to improve transfer of treatment in parkinsonian dysarthria
Source: Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders 1985 50(2): 178-185
Year: 1985
Research Design: Single Case Design

Achieving transfer of treatment outside the clinic is a problem for almost all individuals with speech disorders but has been particularly difficult in the treatment of patients with Parkinsonism. Given this situation and the frequency of vocal intensity problems in this population, we developed a wearable biofeedback device that could provide a patient with information about speech intensity outside the clinic. Auditory-perceptual and acoustic analyses were performed on audiotaped samples of reading and spontaneous speech recorded in the clinic pre- and posttreatment and at 10- and 20-week follow-ups. Visual feedback of intensity was integrated with auditory cues from a microcomputer that was then worn outside the clinic. The results indicated that the subject did transfer a substantial portion of clinic improvement to the outside environment while wearing the feedback device and suggest the utility of a microcomputer-based wearable device for assessing treatment effects as well as for improving transfer.

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