Authors: Weinrich M, Shelton JR, Cox DM, McCall D
Title: Remediating production of tense morphology improves verb retrieval in chronic aphasia
Source: Brain and Language 1997 58(1): 23-45
Year: 1997
Research Design: Single Case Design

Production of tense markers in C-VIC, a computerized visual communication system, was used as a treatment for 3 patients (aged 44, 48, and 63 yrs, respectively) with severe expressive aphasia. Patients practiced constructing C-VIC tense marked sentences and then producing English equivalents. After training, all patients demonstrated significant improvements in English verb retrieval and production of correct tense morphology. Generalization of morphological rules for past tense production was seen for regular, but not for irregular, verbs. Results support the S. G. LaPointe and G. S. Dell (1989) extension of the M. Garrett (1975, 1992) model specifying a search through so-called verb phrase notion stores as a process mediating transition from functional to positional levels, but also suggest an additional constraint on the output of the verb notion store search.

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