Authors: Worthington AD
Title: Cueing strategies in neglect dyslexia
Source: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 1996 6(1): 1-17
Year: 1996
Research Design: Single Case Design

A single case is reported of a patient with left neglect dyslexia after a right hemisphere stroke. The effectiveness of two cueing strategies in improving her single word reading was compared, a variation of the commonly used visuo-motor method and the recenly advocated non-visual spatio-motor cueing technique. Results demonstrated the success of both strategies in reducing neglect dyslexic errors but showed qualitative differences in the processes involved. Only the visuo-motor strategy was associated with continued improvements in reading throughout the intervention period. Furthermore, the visuo-motor cueing technique showed gains still evident at 18 months post-treatment, suggesting clinically significant improvement may be mediated by visual aspects of cueing-based intervention for reading. The results are interpreted in terms of the efficacy of non-verbal attentional cues on a putative graphemic analysis system. Several practical considerations for the remediation of neglect in routine clinical settings are also discussed.

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