Authors: Naeser MA
Title: A structured approach teaching aphasics basic sentence types
Source: British Journal of Disorders of Communication 1975 10(1): 70-76
Year: 1975
Research Design: Case Series

This study investigated a structured approach teaching 3 basic sentence types (BSTs) to adult aphasics. The 3 types (verb form, to be; verb, transitive; and verb, intransitive) are used in applied linguistics and transformational grammar material in teaching English as a 2nd language to foreign adults. Ss were selected on the basis of good verbal output and auditory input scores measured by the PICA. Ss were given a pre- and posttest measuring verbal syntactic performance for the 3 BSTs. They participated in a 1-mo therapy program which presented these sentence types. All improved in the posttest in verbal production of each BST, as well as pattern carryover and subject-verb agreement. This type of therapy approach is offered as a possible future part of a programed language rehabilitation program similar to that which A. Holland (1970) has suggested.

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