Authors: Pring T, Hamilton A, Harwood A, Macbride L
Title: Generalization of naming after picture/word matching tasks: Only items appearing in therapy benefit
Source: Aphasiology 1993 7(4): 383-394
Year: 1993
Research Design: Case Series

The ability of dysphasic subjects to name pictures has been shown to benefit from carrying out simple semantic discrimination tasks. Previous experiements have failed to find generalization of this improvement to related items even when these are used as distractors in the tasks. To improve the possibility of such generalization, an experiment was carried out s in which sets of items were drawn from a single functionally related category. Improvement was found for items directly targeted in the therapy task and for items that appeared as distractors. The former improved significantly more than the latter. Related items that did not appear in the therapy did not improve. Thus, generalization is limited to items which appear during the therapy task.

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